VIDEO: Reddit Politics Forum Announces Publisher Blacklist – tl;dr

As reported, on October 28th the Reddit Politics Forum Announces Publisher Blacklist, the moderatation team for the politics forum at Reddit instituted a submissions blacklist covering a large range of journalistic and public policy web sites.

Over ninety-eight publications and twelve entire blogging platforms are covered under the new policy. Including such notable newsgathering publishers as The Huffington Post, Mother Jones Magazine, Salon Magazine, Raw Story, and Vice.

Some left leaning opinion publishers such as Alternet, Thinkprogress and Media Matters and Dailykos are now verboten to submit. But it isn’t only left leading publications that have gotten the ax. The Drudge Report, The Heritage Foundation, National Review, Reason Magazine, and Breitbart are also well recognized right leaning policy and opinion purveyors that have been banned.

Neither my story nor the video can answer the question why those moderators have implemented this policy. But what I can do is quote their words in the announcement and let viewers decide. The video is intended for those who don’t have time or the inclination to read a feature length story on the matter. It’s for the “too long; didn’t read” crowd. I hope it satisfies.

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David Corn of Mother Jones Wins the 2012 Polk Award

David Wood of Huffington Post wins the 2012 Pulitzer Prize
Youtube Video

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(dude!?!?! WTF!)


Horse Feathers
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And many smaller clips too numerous to mention.


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