Neutering American Men

Representative Allen West is no stranger to the ridiculous or surreal. Known for claiming that President Obama is a ‘liberal, socialist, Marxist’ who ‘ought to get the hell out of the United States’, along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, recently, he stated that President Obama’s “Forward” slogan has a socialist theme from the Soviet Union and is associated with Marxist Soviet propaganda. He has claimed that up to 80 Democratic members of the Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives are all communists. One wonders what he thinks of the self-identifying Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Not so surprisingly, actual communists disagree.

He opposes paying for social service provided by government, such as Federal Education Funding, and most especially President Obama’s Heathcare Reform Act. He made the ridiculous assertion that ObamaCare was being used as a slush fund to pay for spaying and neutering dogs and cats, a claim that Truth-O-Meter rates as false but may well explain his other insane comments about liberal women neutering American men. He has repeatedly attempted to repeal Obama’s Health Care law, even calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as delusional. His attitude could be referred to as ‘somewhat confrontational’.

But his pernicious intertwining of radical economics with McCarthyism is but one tributary along a river of weird utterances and bizarre conduct. For example, his extreme views on prayer in congress and schools, which suggest enshrining his particular religious sect’s views with state authority, are completely at odds with the core philosophy of those U.S. founders he appears not to have read. The rampant militarism he promulgates throughout his speeches is disconcerting. For example, he said during a Conservative Caucus speech that America needed a new lion for a national leader, calling Obama a lamb standing before American lions, and further stating the America for the strong and will never be weak. His theocratic and militaristic words echo a bell’s ring from an age generations back. Only America fought those who rang that bell, and they won.

Or take his absurd claim that conservative women must use strong men like him to fight other, liberal women, who are ‘neutering american men’. Otherwise, the United States debt will grow. It makes absolutely no sense, yet his supporters eat that stuff up. When contrasted against this recent Gossip Extra Report claiming that the Congressman wrote a letter to his wife expected her to ‘Be his Porn Star’ and that she couldn’t ‘say no’ to her wifely duties, it suggests an internal psychological conflict between projected masculine strength against what appears to be a neutered married life. It’s not so much that Obama wants America to be his slave, as Representative West appears to want his own kind of private slave. Heh. Heh. But that’s a gossip column. A juicy and very funny one. Who cares if it’s wrong!

Add it all up and you’ve got some kind of whirlpool, swirling downward into an implosion of the irrational, like some black hole of crazy. To commemorate his rich nutty texture, I’ve made the below video. Please watch, share and enjoy.

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